26 false starts and counting



review: no roses from my mouth

waganga, wauguzi, etc. 

wanakuboeka feelharmonic

nationalising sex, dictating sex: womxn’s pleasure [or not] in kenya’s public imaginary

ndakunk’ amabele: african women un/dressed

khwezi: a daily remembrance
(originally published on This is Africa, but taken down for reasons I do not know)

on mourning: repetition and re-memories
(originally published on Will This Be A Problem, but the website no longer exists)

disappearing women, or, how i got my scars

#mybodymyhome IV

Conversations with Our Mothers 

We Have to Live



human funeral #J78

love like blue

afreada: tomorrow i’ll be twenty

provisional notes on dying here

same size feet



Editing and curation

Making a Feminist Internet: The e-Zine

Ja. Edition 14